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You may not want to know how we got started with this, but if you're still reading at this point you may as well sit down, it's going to be a while.

Cooking for large groups of people may not come easy for some but we love to do it and it comes natural for us. In our search for a seasoning blend that didn't have too much of anything and just enough of everything, we stumbled on what we think is the perfect blend.

After years of mixing a special blend of seasonings in my kitchen in a 1 gallon Jack Miller's Bar-B-Que Sauce jar, and using it at every cooking function known to man, and having people eat the food we prepared and wanting to know what we seasoned it with, and then having those same people beg, borrow, and steal the little seasoning that you had left over in the jar, we decided to go to a professional blender with the recipe and have it commercially produced.

The people who produced it for us did a great job, and for years we used our seasoning in everything we cooked. The little "private" blend went all over the country and gained popularity everywhere it went. Our little blend was now being produced in 8 oz cans and we needed to put a label on it, and when asked what it was called we drew a blank. Everybody just called it "The Good Stuff" loosely translated into Cajun French "Bon CaCa". OK, so CaCa doesn't translate into "Stuff" but it's the closest thing to it, in Cajun French.


A few years went by and more and more people wanted the "Good Stuff". We decided to go commercial with our little seasoning blend so that people would be able to get "Bon CaCa" at their local grocery store and quit begging us for it.


17 years in production and people all over the world love them some Bon CaCa!

You now have the whole story.

Don't you think your friends and family would love to try it?

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